Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Uncle Toby Meets Fiddler on the Roof

Note:  I originally wrote this August 4, 2009.  Edit July 30, 2012.

Just where did it all begin? Uncle Toby will show you, if we can ever convince him to climb to the rooftop and unroll his maps. The fiddler won't fiddle anywhere else. Uncle Toby is worried about the wind. We, the fiddler and I, are more concerned about shifting borders. The obstinate fiddler insists the roof is located in Lithuania. Me, I am not so sure. I am open to the possibility of it being in Belarus. The roof, that is.There is
a saying:  So goes the roof, so goes the rest of the house.. Borders are about as reliable as grains of sand blowing about on the beach. And that is where Uncle Toby comes in. If he studies his maps, perhaps he can settle the matter once and for all. That is, until someone picks the border up again in the middle of the night, the sneak.

So, c'mon, Uncle Toby. The fiddler and I are anxiously awaiting your rooftop consultation. You did so well at establishing the location of your war wound, it stands to reason that you will once again excel in this endeavor. Please do not be a fraidy cat. I've got your back, old timer. Up with you now. There's not much breeze, and the ladder is a very steady one. Ah, much better, Uncle Toby. If you can help put this matter to rest, I will be forever in your debt.


  1. Love it!

    The line, "You did so well at establishing the location of your war wound..." is just fantastic. Going off to read the rest of your stories right now. So glad to have stummbled upon your blog.


  2. Ah. Someone who gets it. Thank you. I have two other blogs. One about education and the other is more personal. I've also written some poetry.